Happy new year(元旦快乐)_800字

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Today is the last day of the year 2015.Each of us carries our dream of flying 2016.We left happy in 2016.   
 The new year bell will soon ring, left a deep imprint the annual rings of time again.with the mood of the warmth of the sun in the winter full of joy.New year's day came, according to appointment,The 2015.Because the eye red our happy Life.The new year gives us life like Zen.Today we enjoy the happiness fate brings us here together, enjoy this wonderful time.We meet here today to open your heart to release your passion.   
Today we are gathered together singing and dancing.Today we send to our blessing.The joy of buried long already look forward to meet into today.Listen to the beautiful melody, in the heart clear will do better in school.I want to invite the festival in ancient ladies come together With flow celebrate.




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